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Family & Divorce Mediation Articles

Co-Parenting Online Course – How to Not Put Your Kids in the Middle of Your Divorce (6/18/21)
Jen Schimbeno

The ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) ACE’s study, is one of the largest studies about traumatic events in the lives of children ages 0-17. This study identifies three types of risk factors for trauma in children: abuse, neglect and household dysfunction.

Race and Caste, Gender and Patriarchy, Wealth and Class: Mediating the Systems, Structures, and Sources of Prejudice (6/16/21)
Kenneth Cloke

As a society, we have not resolved many enduring disputes, or convinced each other, or even discussed them intelligently, but ended up instead screaming at one another, clashing violently, and being prepared to manipulate, and even jettison the entire democratic process if it doesn’t back the candidates and policies we support.

5 Ways Conflict Resolution Practitioners Can Prevent and Resolve Special Education Conflict During the Pandemic; Increasing the Chances of Success for Students with Disabilities. (6/16/21)
Heather Kennedy

The current pandemic has created a crucial need for those experienced in conflict resolution practices to prevent and resolve conflict in the education of students with disabilities. Public agencies, schools, and families should utilize those trained in conflict resolution, including mediators, negotiators, and advocates, to combat this crisis and lessen adverse outcomes for those involved.

Online Mediation Training Task Force Family / Elder Committee Report (6/16/21)
Susan Guthrie

The Family and Elder Committee was initially tasked with Considering the Following Questions: 1) How can family and elder mediation training be improved to embrace online mediation; and 2) How can family and elder mediation training best be offered online, for basic training, advanced training, and ongoing continuing education?

Proposal for Standard Explanation in Mediation (6/11/21)
John Lande

Since writing my recent short article, Courts Should Make Mediations Good Samaritans Not Frankensteins, I have been thinking about how to maximize the substantial benefits of court-connected mediation while minimizing the risks of coercion.

Mediation and the Four Agreements (6/11/21)
Rafeena Bacchus

The Four Agreements is based on ancient Toltec wisdom which is said to embody the essential unity of truth and described as a way of life. I believe that if we adopt these Four Agreements they will create enough personal power to change the way we mediate and resolve conflict, leading to better and more satisfying settlements.

You Might Have more in Common with Bill and Melinda Than You Think… (6/01/21)
Joy Rosenthal

Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced that they are divorcing after 27 years. Besides having to address their billions of dollars and their enormously influential foundation, this has brought attention to issues of a mature (or “gray”) divorce.

The Problem With the Label "High Conflict Divorce" (5/28/21)
Carrie Gour

It’s generally true in conflict that “it takes two to tango.” In the world of divorce, the fundamental problem with being labelled “high conflict” is how rarely both parties are dancing together.

Married Mediators: Kim Kovach and Eric Galton (5/24/21)
Kimberlee Kovach

An interview with Kim Kovach and Eric Galton about mediation, being married to a mediator, and the future of mediation. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 20/20 Conference.

Dispute Resolution with Collaborative Law (5/19/21)
Christen Ritchey

Collaborative law is the best way for families to navigate tough transitions and here is why.

Full Video Now Posted of Forum on Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice, Coaching and Limited Scope Representation (5/18/21)
Forrest (Woody) Mosten

What can mediators learn from the online experience of other collaborative dispute resolution professionals? How do we best integrate online mediation with conflict & life coaching, collaborative practice and limited scope representation?

New Mediators' Guidance from Youth Conference (5/18/21)
Jonathan Rodrigues

This article summarizes the Young Minds, Global Voices Conference. This conference was sponsored by Mediate.com in an effort to hear from newer mediators. These 6 sessions comprised up and coming thought leaders from around the globe, forming a brain trust for how to create peace in ourselves, our community and our world.  

Married Mediators: Marilyn McKnight and Steve Erickson (5/17/21)
Stephen Erickson

An interview with Marilyn McKnight and Stephen Erickson about the origins of family mediation, their different conflict styles, and the future of conflict resolution. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 2020 Conference.

Married Mediators: Joan Goldsmith and Ken Cloke (5/09/21)
Kenneth Cloke

An interview with Joan Goldsmith and Ken Cloke about mediation, being married to a mediator, and the future of mediation. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 20/20 Conference.

Approaching Custody with Reason vs. Rancor (5/08/21)
Dr. Lynne C. Halem

No matter how a couple may approach questions involving parenting after divorce, the answers are never easily derived.

Cryptocurrency and Divorce (5/07/21)
Denise French

Naturally, as a Divorce Financial Advisor, I began thinking how these types of crypto assets were going to impact divorce settlements.

Full Video Now Posted of Forum on Online Mediation Training (5/01/21)
Forrest (Woody) Mosten

The second Forum of the Online Mediation Training Task Force centered on new and emerging issues of online mediation and the training of mediators online.

Mediation and Co-Parenting: Why It Works (4/30/21)
Denise French

As difficult as a divorce can be for a married couple, it can be just as upsetting and confusing for the children of the relationship.

Divorce and Property Division: Am I Entitled to More Because my Spouse Ruined Our Marriage? (4/23/21)
Roseann Vanella

There are a lot of reasons why couples decide to get divorced. Financial troubles, lack of communication, continual arguing, unrealistic expectations, lack of intimacy, infidelity, and abuse are among the more common reasons why couples split up.

How you Approach a Disagreement Matters (4/16/21)
Amy Robertson

Separation is challenging; going through a separation during a pandemic can be more challenging.

The History of Mediation and Why It Is Still in Use Today (4/16/21)
Jakob Vinther

To understand mediation, you must examine the reason behind having a mediator.

International Patent Litigation and Mediation (4/16/21)
Richard Price

As many of you may know, mediation is not used as often as it should be to resolve international patent litigation. But is this also the case within the industry?

Mediate is Top Ranked Mediation Website (4/15/21)
Colin Rule

Mediate.com is ranked the top mediation website by Alexa in its April 14, 2021 global website rankings. In business since 1996, Mediate.com has over 25,000 searchable mediation articles, blog posts, news items and videos and hosts the most utilized mediator directory in the world.

The 2020 Tax Conundrum: Questions Facing Couples Whose Divorce is Pending (4/09/21)
Dr. Lynne C. Halem

2020 has been a year of too many upsets, too many uncertainties, and too many confusions.

Using Text Messages and Emails in Mediation, Family, or Divorce Court (4/09/21)
Carrie Gour

A guide on best practices related to the collection and use mobile evidence and the software options available best suited to assist.

The Muddy Time (4/01/21)
Elle Rave

Some of us call it the muddy time. It’s the time in between the decision to divorce and when the actual divorce is made final.

The Singapore Convention on Mediation - Where’s Europe? (3/26/21)
Consumer Protection BC

International commercial mediation - what a settlement agreement can do.

How to Manage In-Laws Post Divorce (3/25/21)
Amanda Singer

When I got married, I found that one of the strangest transitions wasn’t to being newlyweds or calling him my husband but was more related to my new in-laws. I think that often in-laws, especially mothers-in-law, have gotten a bad rap in popular culture.

Helping Kids Adjust to Life When Parents Go Through Divorce (3/25/21)
Marian Grande

If you are going through a divorce, one of the most significant concerns you may have is the effect it has on your children. 

How Mediation Can Make Divorce Easier on Your Family (3/25/21)
Katie Tejada

Getting divorced can take just as big of a toll on the kids as it does the adults involved. Fortunately, divorcing parents can help to mitigate the negative impacts of divorce on the entire family in a few key ways, namely with mediation. Learn how mediation can work for your family here.

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